artwork for the walls of your home…

Infused with the same artistic sensibility that Mark Robert Halper brings to his fine art photography, your portraiture will not only capture for all time the love and bond your family shares today, but be a work of art appropriate to any collection.

Mark has a special gift for connecting with children and will brings out those expressions that will give you and your family joy for generations to come.



A professional photographer for over two and a half decades, Mark's diverse clientele includes national magazines, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

Mark has been commissioned to photograph a wide of range of notable personalities and celebrities that include Randy Jackson, Lauren Hutton, Bill Gates, David Boreanaz, Gene Simmons, Tori Spelling, Ben Stein, Adrianne Palicki, Frank Gehry, Sumner Redstone, Wolfgang Puck and Mr. T.

Enjoy the status of having your portrait created by a highly respected fine art photographer.


Photo by Jennifer Halper

Photo by Jennifer Halper

There is no middle ground when it comes to excellence. I put my entire heart into my work for every client that visits our studio.

A great portrait should be visually compelling, well composed, beautifully lit, and it must capture something of the soul that touches the heart.

I feel gratified to be able to create artwork that will be cherished long past my own lifetime.

— Mark Robert Halper

creating an outstanding experience for your family

Jennifer Halper spent seven years on Academy Award winning visual effects teams. You’ve seen her work in the first three Spiderman movies, Superman ReturnsThe Chronicles of Narnia, and many other major motion pictures. Jennifer works largely behind the scenes. Her contribution is most visible in the seamless work she does to retouch and enhance the way all of our subjects look in their portraits. Jen loves to travel and lived in Japan for five years, where she received her MFA, and even spent a year abroad in Soviet Georgia. When not working hard into the evening, Jen can be found dancing on ice or attending a class at Cirque School.

Karola Weber creates and maintains our long term corporate relationships. Karola grew up in Frankfurt, Germany and received her Masters in Social Psychology and Sociology at Frankfurt’s Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. A consultant for media companies and trend research institutes in Germany, Karola later moved to Los Angeles in 2008. She began working at Beverly Hills Porsche and quickly became the Portfolio Manager developing and maintaining an exclusive client base. Working for Halper Fine Art has unified her considerable business skills with her passions. Karola is actively involved with a charity helping foster children and enjoys traveling the world, yoga, writing poetry and long hikes in the Malibu canyons.